About Sea Mile

Sea Mile is the largest competitive open water swimming event in Moldova, which is annually held at the Ghidighici reservoir.


  • – Fun Swim (200 meters)
  • – Sea Mile (1852 meters)
  • – Double Sea Mile (3704 meters)

It should be noted that the Sea Mile is supported by Swimming Federation of Moldova and is included in the Official calendar of sports events of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova.

In 2016 the competition will take place on 17th of July.

The first open water competition was held in the framework of Sporter Weekend in 2013. It was called “Swim Day”. The participants had to cover the distance of 1700 meters.  More  details  here and here.

In 2014 the rules were slightly changed and the distance increased. This time the participants had to swim 1852 meters which is exactly one nautical mile (hence the name Sea Mile). More details here and here.