Rubicon – is the main test for everybody who dared to name himself an ultra-marathoner. Rubicon – is a yearly ultra-marathon relay in the area of the Republic of Moldova which is held through all the country. Three days of non-stop race through the districts of Moldova. Three years for cross whole the country from the North to the South m from the east to West. Every year, during three years, the route will be changed. All the districts of the country will be at your disposal. You must run till the moment when you will collect all the badges from each stage of the race. In the Rubicon race there is not any joke: you are carrying the water and the food on you, and you need to run day and night. According to the legend, here lived dragons and heroes, for whom nothing was impossible. Are you sure that you’re a hero? Prove it, overcome your Rubicon!


It is the annual ultra-marathon relay-race on the territory of Republic of Moldova, which passes through all over the country from North to South. The annual route is constructed in such a way that during the 3 years it will pass through all the districts of the Republic, including the territory of TMR.

  • year: The Eastern districts (Including Transnistria)
  • year: The Central districts
  • year: The Western districts

Each race is a 3 days non-stop race on a definite route (from 450 to 525 km), passing through the country. The route of each stage is divided into DISTRICTS that are divided into STAGES of 6-13 km. For the passage of at least a stage, the participant receives the BADGE with the emblem of the area. The main purpose of the runner is to collect the BADGES of all regions of the Republic.



  • To be acquainted with the districts of the country, its culture, history and landmarks
  • The development of the amateur sport in Moldova and TMR
  • The involvement of the regions in the country’s sporting life
  • Fundraising for disabled children
  • Unification of the country with the help of mass sports competitions












The route of the race which takes course through whole the territory of the Republic of Moldova in 2018 will be the Central districts of Moldovan Republic. The total distance of the Route 2018 compile 501 km, runs through the 14 districts of the Republic of Moldova.


District –

Is the administrative unit of the Republic of Moldova, through which is passing by the route of the race Rubicon (approx. Soroca district Orhei district, Dubossary district, etc. и т.д.)



It is a minimal, indivisible segment that a participant can run. The length varies from 7.7 km to 23.7 km. Separation is done in stages in order that each runner chose a suitable complexity segment (segments) route, which he can run. This year, on the eastern route will be 42 stages. In each district there are from 1 to 6 stages, depending on the route and on the hilly of the district’s areas. Each stage has a name – for example RZ14 – this is the fourteenth stage, held in Rezina district.

The stages can be daytime and nighttime, and each of them has its category of difficulty from 1 to 10, depending on length, elevation and time of the.



It is the runner who runs in the front of the column with the flags of the district and the country and maintains the tempo of run of the entire column. The flag of district is changing at the boundary of each district. The pacemakers replace each other at every stage, passing the flags.


It is the reward which receives the runner for the passage of each stage. Running at least one stage the participant receives a badge with the emblem of the area through which runs past stage.
The badges are divided on night-time and daytime depending on time of the day in which passes a particular stage.
The purpose of the runner is to collect as many badges of the districts in order to collect in three years all the emblems of all the district of the country.
In the end of the race will be awarded the runners who have collected more badges than others and have run the longest distance overall.


The race Rubicon is organized by the Sport Club  “SPORTER”, and will be held from the 9th to 11th of February, 2018, the start will be given in the Ocnita city. This is the second of the 3 routes of the race that in 2018 will be held in the Central districts of the Republic of Moldova.

Rubicon is the annual ultra-marathon rail race in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, which is held all over the country. Three days of non-stop run in the districts of Moldova. Three years for pass by all the country from North to South and form the East to West. Every year during the three years the route will change.
The route of 2018 is a 14 districts of the Central part of Moldova. The route is divided into 41 stages. The duration of the race is 55 hours.

The Rubicon race will be held in accordance with the general rules of the race, and amendments thereto, which all participants agree when registered.

4.1 To participate are admitted all the persons over 18 years old at the moment of holding of the race regardless of religious, sexual or any other opinion.
4.2 All the participants must necessarily have a copy of the identity document (birth certificate, passport, ID card).
4.3 Participants must sign the form, of releasing the organizers of the race from the responsibility for their lives and health.

5.1 The registration is done in three stages:
5.1.1 The registration via the web site . The participant selects all desired stages in the registration form on the site.
5.1.2 Paying the participants fee
5.1.3 The registration on place at the start line of selected stages, 15 minutes before the start of the race.
5.2 If the participant is planning to run two or more stages in a row, he register himself just once, only at the start of the first stage.
5.3 If the participant is planning to run two or more stages no sequentially, he register anew at the start of the selected stage
5.4 During the on-site registration starts, the runner receives a membership number which he must fix on his chest. At each stage (except those which participant runs in a row) participant receives a separate number.
5.5 Registration fee is from 100 lei to 300 lei

6.1 Each participant gets to start line by their own or by the bus granted by Sporter.
6.2 Each participant provides himself with food.
6.3 Each participant who wants to run through night stages, must have headlamp
6.4 Each participant must keep his mobile phone during race, so he can take in touch with organizers in case of emergency
6.5 The start of the race will be given at 11:00 in Ocnita.
6.6 Start of each subsequent stage is prescribed in the registration form on the website
6.7 The column of runners is moving at an average speed of 6.30 m \ km from the Ocnita city to the Mirnoe city.
6.8 The column is moving non-stop; the Rubicon is a non-stop 55-hour relay.
6.9 The column is headed by a running man who carries the national flag and the flag of the area through which runs the column.
6.10 Anyone can join the convoy of runners in the place of the start of a new phase / finish line of the last one.
6.11 At the head of the column is moving the car of the organizer that supports the average rate of the column, non-stop throughout the entire route. Behind the column is moving a minivan of the organizers, in which is the organizing team as well the doctor on duty.
6.12 On each start / finish of the stage, the organizers car awaits for the runners for the registration of the new participants and as well for those who finish at this stage.
6.13 For overcoming the stage the runner gets badges with the emblem of the district in which have been held the stage.

7.1 On the website of is stated the exact time and place of the start of each stage. This is the time when the column of runners will run over the point.
7.2 The participants who will start at this point must register 15 minutes before the start time and to expect the column to the starting line.
7.3 During the registration process at the start of the stage the participant receives a starting number which is attached on chest, and is unique for each start. When the column is passing by the start point the starting participants add to the column ant those who finish in this point – stop in this point and pass the finish procedure.

8.1 The time of the start of the stage it is in the same time the time of the finish of the previous stages.
8.2 The participant is obliged to register of the finish in the car of the organizers not later than 10 minutes after the finish of the stage. The participant is obliged to present his participation number and to spell his surname and his name.
8.3 The organizers determine how many stages and in which areas he ran in a row and give him out the districts badges.
8.4 10 minutes after the finish time, the organizers car move to the starting point / finish line and begins the procedure of registration for the next stage. If the participant did not manage to go to the finish registration process, its stage or stages are not counted, and it does not receive the badges.

9.1 The participant gets by himself to the place of the start / finish line, choosing the suitable stages of the race for him or by bus granted by Sporter.
9.2 The start/finish point is indicated by the coordinates on the website 15 minutes before the time of the start of the stage, will be the organizer’s car on the start/finish point.
9.3 The participant must take care for the transportation from the finish point of the chosen stage.

10.1 For each passed stage the participant receives a badge with the emblem of the district through which passed the stage of the race.
10.2 The participant receives the badges for the districts not for the stages. In the case that the participant started in one district and finished in other district – he will receive two badges. If the participant has run 3 stages in arrow in the same district, he will receive 1 badge
10.3 The badges are divided in daytime and night-time badges, depending on time of the day in which is held one or other stage.
10.4 In the end of the race will be rewarded the runners who have collected more badges than others and have ran the longer overall distance.


What is Rubicon?

  • – Ultra-marathon relay across Moldova
  • – Introduction to the districts of the country, their culture, history and places of interest
  • – Development of amateur sports in Moldova and Transnistria. Involvement of the districts in the country’s sport life
  • – Fund-raising for handicapped children
  • – Unification of the country through sports competitions


When will the race take place?

  • The race begins on February 9, 2018, at 11 AM (local time)


Where is the start?

  • The first race stage starts in Ocnița
  • You can see the start and finish lines of the following stages on the route map.


How do I get to the start?

  • Every runner gets to the start independently.


How can I register for the race?

  • Registration for Rubicon is a 3-step process:
  • Step 1 – fill in the registration form on
  • Step 2 – check in at the start line of each stage. You can see the start time of each stage on the map or on the registration page.
  • Step 3 – payment (It is better to pay the entry fee before the event, so as you won’t have to pay it during the race)


How much is Rubicon entry fee?

  • Rubicon entrance fee depends on the number of stages you are going to run:
  • From 1 to 5 stages, inclusive – 100 MDL
  • From 6 to 10 stages, inclusive – 200 MDL
  • 11 stages or more – 300 MDL


How do I choose a stage?

  • After looking through the route map on the registration page, you have the possibility to select one or more stages. Each runner may choose a stage that is suitable for him in matters of distance, relief, time or location.


How many stages can I choose?

  • Each runner may choose as many distances as he wants.


Is it a competitive race?

  • Rubicon is not a speed-race, rather an endurance one, because sportsmen run in a column with approximately the same average speed during the entire route.


What if I fall behind the column?

After the column reaches the start line of the next stage, you have 10 minutes to get to the finish, otherwise your result won’t be counted and you won’t get a badge of the district.


Will the organizers provide hydration and nutrition during the race?

  • Participants will be hydrated throughout the race, but they must take care of nutrition on their own.


If I run 3 stages in a district, how many badges will I get?

  • Each participant gets only one district badge, regardless of the number of stages he ran in this district.


Will a police car convoy the column?

  • Yes, it will.


Will medical care be provided in case of injuries?

  • Yes, the ambulance doctor will sit in the follow car throughout the race.


Will there be a photo/video report from the event?

  • Yes, the race will be broadcasted live.


In passing at least one stage of the Rubicon race, the participant will receive as a reward a badge with the emblem of the district in which the stage passes. For getting a badge the participant must run the entire stage from the start to the finish and check in at the welcoming organizers. One of the participant objectives will be to collect the badges from all the districts within the route of Rubicon race, and in the future, during the three years – to collect the emblems of all the districts of the Republic of Moldova






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