Bank Transfer

Attention! Your registration for the Sea Mile 2016 is not complete. To complete the registration process, you have to pay the entry fee. You can do it in any Victoria Bank office, where you need to provide the following information:

ID (Passport)
bank details:

Compania – A.O. Clubul Sportiv „SPORTER”

Cod fiscal/IDNO 1013620009909

c/d: MD53VI000002224003323 MDL

c/d: MD08VI022240300000041 USD

c/d: MD58VI022240300000041 EUR

BC VictoriaBank S.A. fil. №3. Chișinau

c/b: VICBMD2X416

sediul: MD-2069, str. Ion Neculce 5, mun. Chisinau, RM

Important! Participants must personally pay the entry fee.

When you complete the payment, you become an official participant of the Sea Mile 2016. You will receive a confirmation email with additional details.