ОМ – official water of Rubicon 2019

Once again, drinking water OM supports the sporting events organized by Sporter. This time OM has become the official water of Rubicon ultramarathon relay.

Now available in a new bottle OMactiv 0.75 sport

The manufacturer of OM mineral water has released a new sports bottle, and now it will be much easier to drink water during workouts.

What has changed? The form. Athletes have contributed to the design of an ergonomic bottle, which is very comfortable to hold and drink even on the run or during a short break between training sessions.

The volume is the same – 0.75 l. That’s the approximate amount of water that a person consumes during a medium intensity workout. What to do if there’s some water left in the bottle? Keep it and drink it when you’re done with your workout – you know, it’s so important to restore water balance after some exercise. The innovative cap with spill protection makes it convenient to open the bottle with one hand.

The bottle features the OMactiv logo. OM drinking water and the OMactiv project were combined, and that’s how the first OMactiv product for an active lifestyle has appeared.

Such bottles are already available in supermarkets, shops and, of course, fitness clubs around the city.

Please be reminded that the annual Rubicon ultra-marathon will be held on February 1. To register and learn more about Rubicon 2019, please visit rubicon.run.