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It is possible to log in to your Gmail account and set your personal computer or phone to automatically login whenever you open your browser or browse into Gmail. If you are logged out of Gmail, getting back into your accounts is quick and easy, so long as you realize that your own password. Logging in or from Gmail on a single device will not sign you in or out of your accounts on different devices, so make sure you log out when using public or shared computers. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for additional stories. Gmail makes it effortless to not only access your mails, but also connect to some of the Google apps or platforms, such as Google Docs, Drive, Google Calendar, etc. What is even better is that you may perform tasks, such as including an event to your Calendar or sharing a Google Doc, using your Gmail account. But before you can do any of that, you need to log in to Gmail. Here is how. Check out the products discussed in this article:MacBook Pro (From $99 at Best Buy)iPhone 11 (From $in Best Buy)iPad (From $in Best Buy)Microsoft Surface Professional 7 (From $at Best Buy)Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $at Best Buy)How to log into your Gmail account on a mobile deviceOn your mobile, you’re typically mechanically signed into Gmail. Best Animal Photo Editor However, if you’ve logged out or deleted the app, here’s the way to log in. 1. Open the Gmail app in your iPhone, iPad, or even Android device. 2. Harness the”Sign in” button in the bottom of your screen. Harness the”Sign in” button. Isabella Paoletto/Business Insider In case you already have an email account linked from the program and want to add a second account, simply tap your profile in the top-right and then tap”Insert another account” Tap”Add another account.” 3. On the next page, then tap”Google.” You may even connect other types of email accounts for your Gmail app. 4. Tap”Continue” allowing Google to sign into your account. Tap”Continue.” 5. Practice the steps to log in. Gmail allows you to add extra Gmail accounts, or non-Gmail accounts, either to your iOS or Android device, which makes it much easier to get all your different accounts under one email program. It is possible to check the box next to”Remember me” to remain logged in to your Gmail account on your device. How to log into your Gmail account on a computerTo log into Gmail in your Mac or PC, go to Gmail. Com and enter your account email (or connected phone number) when prompted and your own password. Check the box next to”Remember me” in case you’d like to Remain logged in automatically