Drinking water ОМ – official water of Rubicon 2018


Once again, drinking water OM supports the sporting events organized by Sporter. This time OM has become the official water of Rubicon ultramarathon relay.

Can you guess why it’s namely OM that runs the marathons with you, participates in dance battles, trains, swims across Ghidighici lake, and races through Chisinau?

We aren’t going to describe the complex processes that occur in cells during a normal sip of water. That’s enough to say that ОМ means health.


Water by OM has the perfectly balanced composition for sports and for an active lifestyle. It contains enough active ingredients to run all the necessary processes without surcharging the body.


The water by OM comes from natural springs. Products of natural origin are always much more appreciated than water coming from less safe sources.


Nature shares its creation with the most advanced European technologies. All processes are fully automated, therefore the human factor is completely excluded! Blowing the bottles and filling them with water, screwing caps and gluing the labels -it’s all machine work.

Quality control

Two microbiological laboratories responsible for quality control function on the production line of OM water. Added to the complete automation of the process, there’s no chance for you to taste water by OM of poor quality.