Equipment for long-distance running


The ultramarathon relay Rubicon is coming, so we’ve decided to provide you some general recommendations about equipment. An ultramarathon is a special form of running, therefore you need to choose your clothes, shoes and gear wisely.

A runner who’s planning to overcome an ultramarathon needs special equipment. Sportsmen must pay great attention to their clothes and shoes. Many long-distance runners choose special sneakers made of better materials, as their feet require more protection. Also, you must pay attention to the sole: it should have good traction and provide support during running on uneven ground.

Runners’ clothes should wick away sweat. Cold, heat and temperature changes require special approach. Depending on the conditions, a runner’s backpack can include leg warmers, water bottles, food, warm clothes, sunscreen or sunglasses. Sometimes, backpacks can weigh even more than 12 kilos!


Different multi-day races allow different types of support for sportsmen: at some races you are given full support throughout running, others require full self-control, to the extent that the runner has to carry on his back his food and sleeping bag.

In this matter, there is no place for jokes during Rubicon: participants carry their food and water on their backs, and they have to run both during day and night. But, after crossing the finish line, you will consider yourself a real hero!

The registration runs on Limit of participants – 300 people!


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