Get acquainted with the detailed table of all Rubicon stages

IMG_6706The Rubicon race will be hold from the 10th till the 12th of February, and the start will be given in the Soroca city. The distance of ultra marathon relay race of 2017 includes 466 km that passes through 14 districts of East of Moldova and TMR.

The route is divided into 43 stages with a 6,5 to 18,4 km length. The duration of the race is 47 hours.

The organizers prepared for the participants a table which includes all the stages, where is indicated the length of the stage, the distance from the start line, the tempo, the start time, duration of the stage, up and down, difficulty, which depends on the day time and the amount of kilocalories which are expended.

Get acquainted with the stages and prepare for Rubicon: STAGES

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