Get acquainted with the rules of Rubicon race


The ultra marathon relay race Rubicon is the most important assay for each one who dared to call itself ultra marathoner. The Rubicon race will take place according to general regulation of the race and its amendments ,which is accepted by all participants when they register for the race.  

In 2017, the race will pass through all the East districts of the country, including the „Transnistrian Moldavian Republic”. The total distance of the route consists of 466 km and passes through 10 districts of the Republic of Moldova and 4 districts of the TMR.

The stages

The participant can choose to run a stage with a distance of 7.2 km,which is the minimal one, up to 18.7 km. The division on stages was made for giving the possibility to each runner to choose for himself a segment  based on its complexity, which he will be able to run. The runner can choose any number of stages.

This year,on the Eastern route, there will be 42 stages. Each district includes from 1 to 6 stages, depending on levelling of the route and the hills of the land surface. Each stage has a title. For instance, RZ14 is the fourteenth stage, which takes place in the Rezina district.

There are day-time stages and night-time, and each has been categorized by its difficulty from 1 to 10 depending on length, terrain and day.

The awards

The participant receives a badge (reward) with the district emblem, if he has run at least a stage that passes through this district. The badges are divided into night-time and day-time depending on the time of day when a certain stage takes place.

Regardless of how many stages have been passed, the participant gets only one badge of the district in which he fled.

The runner’s purpose is to collect as much as possible badges of the districts, so that during three years – to collect the emblems of all the districts of the country. At the end of the race, will be awarded the runners who gathered more badges than others and who have travelled the longest total distance.

The Rubicon race is not a speed race; it’s an endurance race, as the column moves with an average speed of 6:30 minutes/ km during the whole route. After the column will run until the start line of the next stage, you have 10 minutes to get to the finish line. If you are late, the stage that you chose is not taken into consideration, and you won’t receive the district badge.

The registration and more information you can see on the website