Hyundai – the official car of the Rubicon race


The official Hyundai distributor in Moldova, the Pacific Motors auto centre became the official partner of the ultramarathon-like relay race- Rubicon 2017, that will take place from the 10th  to 12th of February.

The Pacific Motors auto centre started its activity in Moldova 15 years ago in the emerging, unstable market, which was saturated with offers of different cars. All these years, the ambitious team followed the chosen strategy that was aimed on the achieving of the long-term success of Hyundai Concern. And currently, the Hyundai brand in Moldova is occupying a stable position in the rating of the market leaders. The number of those who choose the Hyundai cars is constantly growing, and now it exceeds the figure of 4500 cars.


Since 2010, Hyundai is in the top of 5 leading car manufacturers around the world. It is the 39th among the largest brands in the world and occupies the 3rd place on the car market of Moldova. Our plan is to make the Hyundai brand the most favourite among the local car enthusiasts.


We thank all our customers for their trust and choice! We are advocates of a healthy lifestyle and we like to be partners in such activities. We are partners in events such as UEFA and FIFA since 2002, and also are the sponsors of the football team Geotermal and of the Taekwondo Cup of the Ambassador of South Korea.