Map of Rubicon 2017

1yearRubicon – is the annual ultra-marathon relay-race on the territory of Republic of Moldova, which passes through all over the country from North to South. The annual route is constructed in such a way that during the 3 years it will pass through all the districts of the Republic, including the territory of TMR.

  • 1 year: The Eastern districts (Including Transnistria)
  • 2 year: The Central districts
  • 3 year: The Western districts

Each race is a 3 days non-stop race on a definite route (from 450 to 525 km), passing through the country. The route of each stage is divided into DISTRICTS that are divided into STAGES of 6-13 km. For the passage of at least a stage, the participant receives the BADGE with the emblem of the area. The main purpose of the runner is to collect the BADGES of all regions of the Republic.

Map of the Eastern districts (Including Transnistria)