Multisport Cumulative Discount Card for each Rubicon participant

карта-в-подарокThe multibrand sports store Multisport has become the official partner for the legendary Rubicon relay.

Are you participating in Rubicon? In case you are, you will automatically obtain the maximum discount offered by the Multisport store.

At visiting the Multisport store to receive a cumulative discount card as a gift.

If you are a professional runner or practice jogging on winter mornings, then you definitely need to visit Multisport! That’s because there you will find ALL the things necessary for running!


First of all, a runner needs high-quality shoes. We present you the best model of the year 2017 – Mizuno Wave Rider 20:

– lightweight – only 280 g in male version and 245 g in female version;
– cushioned ride and silky smooth transition from the heel impact to the toe off;
– top shock absorption due to EVA Double Layer in heel seat region;
– Pebax components in the midsole coupled with Mizuno’s Wave technology allow you to adopt the correct technique and get better results over high mileage.

Обзор Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Обзор Mizuno Wave Rider 20

Only until February 5th, 2018, you can benefit from -50% discount on the purchase of running shoes!

Price: 1626 lei


Trail shoes for running through the most challenging terrains – Mizuno Wave Mujin 3 G-TX

— Waterproof / breathable. The Gore-Tex fabric effectively keeps the foot dry without compromising breathability;
—Michelin outsole;
— Cushioning and rubber material for longer wear;
— Comfortable running on tough conditions;
— Protection against sharp objects;
— Comfortable fit;
— Grip and stability;
— Durability.


Mizuno Wave Mujin 3 G-TX is designed for fans of running on rough terrain.
Unique price for Mizuno Wave Mujin 3 G-TX – 1860 lei

An important element of the runner’s outfit is thermal underwear.
The top thermal underwear has the following properties:
– Removes moisture;
– Maintains comfortable body temperature;
– Has antibacterial properties;
– Is hypoallergenic;
– Has compression properties.
Price: from 1000 lei!

If you want to win, visit Multisport! Here you’ll find all the must-haves in order to be first!

Address: 6/1 Decebal bd.
022 90 30 40