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HAMILTON–Present: A German shepherd, an Australian shepherd, a Shih Tzu-poodle, a West Highland terrier, a Labrador, a Shetland, a Scottie, a Boston terrier, a Windswept, a cocker spaniel, a schnauzer, a chow, a Lakeland terrier plus a Hurricane Katrina-rescued multi-poo called Lucky Lady, natch. Not present: A Rottweiler. Damn. There was, needless to say, that additional erstwhile Rottweiler, the Duchess of Cornwall. Oh repay. I’m not the one who famously called Camilla Parker Bowles, because she had been then, The Rottweiler, a sic-dog renowned because of its never-let-go jaw clench. That, clearly, was Diana, the late Princess of Wales, in her quite smart. We’re supposed to forget all this history today, simply because Camilla is a correctly married imperial, with bagged her decoration of a priest? Pretend everything that arrived before never happened? Overlook the decades of adultery and duplicity and emotional torment inflicted to a doomed princess? Difficult to not be reminded of the Rottweiler zinger on Thursday, when so many of people who came into ogle Prince Charles and his pre-duchess mistress at Dundurn Castle had their canines in tow, and many admitting that they had been expecting Camilla might stop to drop some pet-caress. “The royals love puppies, you understand,” noted one woman who asked that her name not be used Oh And Just As A Reminder | Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler after further celebrating:”They are beginning to look just like them too, are not they? “Stacey Escott needed her lab, Kelso, equally leashed and muzzled. “It is his first royal.” The royal Kelso did not seem that impressed. Even his owner confessed she just came out for a glimpse at Charles and Camilla since”I live round the corner and that I never thought I’d see royals around the corner in my home. “Truly, that’s the entire point of those tours — to deliver the imperial cachet, what is left of it, into a’hood near you,’round the kingdom, drumming up support for a monarchy most opinion as an anachronism. A note to the wise, however: Perhaps Charles and Camilla must be retained away castle balconies, which image evoking so intensely opinions of Charles and Diana in the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the day of the wedding. You’ll certainly recall The Kiss. Moments before, with all the audience begging for a royal buss, Charles had leaned back slightly and whispered to his mommy,” I?” The Queen nodded permission. But Charles had spent the night before — that the night before! — in Camilla’s armspurportedly slipping away for a farewell shag, at least based on some valet Stephen Barry. “Certainly amazingly daring, if not incredibly stupid,” Barry said