PUMA became the official partner of the Rubicon race


The PUMA sports brand in Moldova became the official partner of the ultramarathon-like relay- Rubicon 2017, which will take place from 10 to 12 February.

PUMA’s mission is to be the fastest sports brand in the world. Due to our endless desire to develop the sport, we are #ForeverFaster. To be Forever Faster is our mantra. Forever Faster – it’s more than fast. Forever Faster- is more than 65 years of sport products for the fast athletes.

We live and enjoy the process of game. For us, sport is more than winning at all costs. We like healthy competition and the playing. It makes us JOYFUL.


The WEST SPORT ALLIANCE is the official distributor PUMA in Moldova, we invite you to a new era, in which since 1948 PUMA creates innovative products for the best and for the fastest athletes in the world: from football to golf, from motorsports to running.

Our athletes are setting world records, are winning medals and are living unforgettable moments that change and develop the sport. The strong connection between the sportsmen and the product is the visiting card of PUMA.

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