Recovery from a long run

pain-toleranceRecovery from a long run (half marathon, marathon and ultramarathon) it turns out that is not a quick process, as it may seem, especially for beginners. It seems, you have run your first marathon, it passed 2-3 days, and you are in order and full of energy! I dare to assure you that even the recovery of professional marathoners takes from 14 to 22 days on average.

So, advice for recovery after a long run:

1. The best recovery is a sports recovery massage! Sports massage is considered to be an important component for the sportsmen, and it is used as before a training or competition, and also after training as a recovery of muscles and to regain its tone. The main differences between this type of massage from the usual one, is that is assumed such an effect on the muscles, which are able to restore their functionality in a short time.

2. The warm salt bath. A warm bath of sea salt helps to relax the muscles, recovers the joints and accelerates the recovery process and provides an overall beneficial effect on the entire human body.

3. The recovery jogging or walking. After a long race it is recommended two or three days in a row easily run 30 minutes or at least walking pace.

4. The stretching of legs. The stretching of legs is recommended for warm up the muscles, in a way to warm up previously (you can run).

5. You must drink. For a long time, after the marathon, the body is in the dewatering stage, to quickly bring it in order, you must drink more water! If you have vitamin drinks, it will even be better, make you sure that they are healthy, natural beverages (juices).

6. You must to eat. It is recommended to eat 2-3 hours after the marathon (tight – it does not mean to overeat). Make you sure that the diet is nutritious, as high as possible fortified.

THE CONCLUSION: The recovery takes a lot of time even to the professional runners, even if you feel fine. Therefore we recommend you to comply with the above listed items, they will help you to recover rapidly the muscles, joints and body.