Registration for Rubicon 2018 is open


Registration for the annual ultramarathon race all over Moldova is declared open. Rubicon race is due on February 9, 2018, and will start in Ocnita. The route will cross the central districts of the country.

You can register for the race at, taking the following steps:

  •        – Go to the registration page, where you will see the map of Moldova with all the relays of the Rubicon race marked on it. Select the stages you want to run;
  •        – The selected relay, the kilometrage as well as transit time will be displayed on the right side of the map. Click “Next” button;
  •        – Fill in your personal details and complete the registration.
  •        – Pay the participation fee with your card or in cash at Sporter office;
  •        – Successful registration! The notification and event details will be sent to you by mail.

The route of 2018 will cross 14 districts located in the central part of Moldova. The distance will be divided into 41 relays. Length of the race is 55 hours.

On their way, the participants will get a badge with the coat of arms of the district where the relay was held. Badges are offered per district, not per relay. For instance, when a relay starts in a district but ends in another, the participant will get two badges. In case there are three relays held in one district, the participant will get only one badge.

Depending on the time of the relay, badges are divided into day-time and night-time.

At the end of the race, the runners who accumulate the biggest number of badges and those who travel the longest distance will be awarded as winners.

For more details and policy, please see “RACE INFO”.