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Rubicon, the ultramarathon relay held in Moldova, is the longest and toughest race, which only real ultramarathon runners can conquer. Someone like you!

In 2021, the Rubicon race is changing its direction! The runners will have to cover 504 km from the south of the country to the north. The relay will last 54 hours 42 minutes and will go through 12 western districts of Moldova, from Cahul to Briceni.

Three days of running in overdrive, harsh nighttime and daytime stages, and a chance to win an award. For each completed stage, the participant receives a badge shaped like the coat of arms of the district in which the stage took place. Athletes who run all stages will gather the entire collection of badges.

Race start — February 19 at the port of Giurgiulesti.

Race finish — February 21 in the square of the town of Briceni.

Registration is open! Visit the website and register for the most extreme race of 2021!