Rubicon 2018 participants awarded by Sporter team


Saturday, February 17, Sporter team have organized an awarding ceremony for the participants in Rubicon 2018. The invited athletes have run over 100 kilometers in course of the ultramarathon relay that crossed the central districts of the country. The event took place at Draft Pub.


All the athletes who were invited to the awarding ceremony received awards, special gifts from Sporter as well as from Rubicon’s partners – Multisport sportswear store and Red Bull company.


For those who have conquered all of this year’s districts, Puma has prepared special gifts – branded t-shirts. As for the top three runners, they received gift certificates.

Puma Marketing Manager Evghenii Martinov has decided to print on the gift t-shirts a special symbol, namely the Star, which appears on the football jerseys as part of the badge as a sign of important trophies the team has previously won.

Present at the event were athletes who received t-shirts with two Champions stars. The double symbol aimed to single out the athletes who participated in the ultramarathon for the second year in a row.


The main prize of the Rubicon, a shield in the form of a map for placing the badges of the regions, was awarded to the participant with a maximum mileage. The winner of this year’s edition was Vasile Olari, who crossed 280.72 km, followed by Vitale Clopot – 272 km and Stanislav Cij – 227.35 km.


Among the athletes who received a commemorative T-shirt was Alexandra Brânzari, the only young lady who overcame the distance of 161.79 km, running through 14 districts


By the way, Stanislav Cij was among the winners of last year’s edition, which took place in the eastern districts. Then Stanislav ran the distance of 198.24 km. Congratulations on your double victory!

During the event, the participants not only received memorable gifts and awards but also exchanged impressions of the race, and shared their plans for the future in the company of a pint of beer.


A total of 43 people have crossed the Rubicon! Congratulations 🙂