Rubicon 2018 Participants supported the Moldovan olympians

The start of the Rubicon ultramarathon relay this year coincided with the beginning of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang – February 9. After 500 km crossed through the central districts of the country and three days of relentless running, Rubicon participants have demonstrated solidarity with the Moldovan olympians.

After crossing the finish line in the village of Mirnoe, Taraclia district, the runners lined up in the shape of Olympic rings. This gesture is designed to bring the culture of local sports to the international community and, thereby, to show respect for the Moldovan sportsmen representing our country at the Winter Olympics.

May you be reminded that tonight the participants in the ultramarathon relay Rubicon 2018 crossed the finish line, after having run across the whole country, from North to South. The purpose of the Rubicon relay is developing amateur sport nationwide, involving regions in the sporting life of the country as well as consolidating society in the framework of a large-scale sporting event.