Rubicon 2019: #diez has become media partner for the race

The information portal #diez will support the Rubicon ultra-marathon relay as official media partner of the competition.

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As a reminder, the final stage of the three-year ultra-marathon Rubicon relay will take place on February 1. This year, the course of the relay with a distance of 540.3 km will run through the territory of the western regions of our country. The relay will last 58 hours and 31 minutes and will be the largest stage in the series of Rubicon competitions.

You still can join the race. To do this, you need to register on the website, select the stages you would like to cross and pay the entry fee in one of the most convenient way for you: by card, in cash, through the terminal or by the “Raduga” card.

To learn additional information, please visit the official website of the event.