Rubicon 2019: registration has started

Registration for the annual Rubicon ultra-marathon has started. On February 1, 2019, this relay race will start in Briceni. The track of the third ultra-marathon relay will pass through the western regions of Moldova.

Rubicon is an annual three-day nonstop race across the whole country, but most importantly, a test for those who claim to be ultrarunners. The athletes run day and night, rain or shine, carrying their food and water supplies.

In order to become a Rubicon 2019 participant and to test your strength, you must registrate:

Go to registration page, where you can find the map with Rubicon stages.

  • Select the stage that you want to run (the selected stage, mileage and time will be shown in a bottom right window).
  • Click the ”next” button.
  • Enter personal data.
  • Complete registration.

The participants need to pay the registration fee. There are several payment methods: by card or cash at the Sporter head-office, though terminals or by Agroprombank Rainbow card. After that, you will receive an email notification with further marathon details.

In 2019, the marathon distance will be 540.3 km (335.7 miles). The relay race time is 58 hours 31 minutes and the track will pass through 11 western regions of Moldova.

At the end of each level, the participant will receive a badge with coat of arms representing the corresponding region. The athletes will receive badges only for accomplished levels. For example, if the participant started in one region and finished in another, he/she gets 2 badges. But if the athlete ran three stages in the same region, he/she gets only one badge.

The participants will receive day or night badges, depending when they finish the stage.

The runners, who ran the longest distance and collected the most badges, will be awarded.

You can watch the official Rubicon 2018 video here.