Run the Rubicon and gather badges of Moldovan districts


Each participant in the Rubicon ultramarathon relay will receive special badges with the monograms of the districts that will be crossed during the race.

In other words, if the participant passes at least one stage of the race, he will receive a commemorative badge with the coat of arms of the district where the stage was held.


In order to receive the badge, the participant must run the whole stage from start to finish and be checked in by the organizers who will meet him/her.

May you be reminded that several races can pass through a district, which is why many athletes adopt the one-stage tactic for each district. It allows them to reserve their strength for other stages in other districts, so that they gather all the Rubicon regional badges.


Moreover, the organizers have also prepared a Rubicon badge, which will be awarded to participants who run 100 or more kilometers.


So, crossing the Rubicon means running 100 km!