Selection announced for Rubicon pacemaker position

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If you are a well-trained athlete, have an impressive long-distance running experience and are willing to run at Rubicon, then SPORTER gives you the opportunity to show your leadership skills!

You have to be an experienced runner, confident in your own abilities, able to maintain the pace of your distance and lead a group of amateur athletes.

The pacemaker at Rubicon runs ahead of the column with the flags of the district and country. The tempo to be maintained is 6.30 min/km. The flag of the district will be changed at the border of each district. Pacemakers will succeed at every stage, transmitting the flag to each other.

Fill in the registration form for the position of pacemaker and select the STAGES you want to run.


Applications are accepted until February 1, 2018.

Please be reminded that Rubicon is the annual ultramarathon race on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, crossing the whole country from north to south.

This year, Rubicon starts on February 9, 2018, in Ocnita. The route runs through 14 districts in the central part of Moldova and is divided into 42 stages. Overall race time – 55 hours. Overall distance – over 500 km.

For more information on Rubicon race, please visit: