Škoda – official partner of Rubicon ultra-marathon relay

ŠKODA has become the official car of the three-day Rubicon 2019 ultra-marathon, which starts on February 1. ŠKODA KAROQ car, which was recently introduced to the public, will be equipped with an electronic clock indicating the exact time of the race. The vehicle will accompany the runners along the whole distance.

Some SUVs impress with style, other with practicability… ŠKODA KODIAQ excels in both ways. It is not just an elegant SUV for city driving. The definite design is perfectly combined with technology, which is remarkably important for driving on the rough ground. Due to this combination, KODIAQ reached the top sales just within two years, with more than 220 vehicles. The rich variety of equipment levels, from the main version, ACTIVE, to most luxurious and complex versions, like: SPORTLINE and LAURIN & KLEMENT, helps to meet all buyers’ needs.

ŠKODA KODIAQ is an ideal solution for traveling with taste. The three-zone air conditioning system allows the passengers on rear seats to adjust their own comfort zone.

KODIAQ is the only class-leading car, which has installed the advanced LED technologies, both in headlights and interior lamps. At the same time, the car is distinguished by the largest variety of models and dimensions of alloy wheels.

Full-LED headlights represent a unique and innovative element for the middle-class SUVs. The advantages of such technologies are the following: safety (excellent illuminating properties), economy (low maintenance costs, because of their durability) and comfort (advanced headlights assistant).
The strong side of ŠKODA models is the care for family’s needs: KODIAQ is no exception. The spacious cabin for all passengers and the 720-liters trunk of the car allows traveling to any destination. Additional chassis protection, the so-called “Heavy Road Package”, is a “registered trademark” of ŠKODA cars. Choose the off-road running mode for a difficult or snow-covered ground, and KODIAQ will protect the engine, lever control and brakes.

The intelligent all-wheel drive provided by ŠKODA KODIAQ ensures excellent traction. Depending on road conditions, up to 90% of torque can be switched to the rear axle. KODIAQ is equipped with over 40 Simply Clever options, many of which are installed for the first time in the ŠKODA models. The KODIAQ Sleep Pack is a unique element and it gives the feeling of the first-class journey. The intelligent shaped headrests ensure stability for sleeping passengers during driving. The package also includes two blankets in special travel cases.

Door edge protectors are appreciated by any driver who parks in the narrow spaces at mall parks or on the crowded streets of big cities… or drivers with children, who open the doors without paying attention to the nearby wall or tree.

As a reminder, the three-day ultramarathon Rubicon 2019 will start on February 1, 2019. Sportsmen will have to run across the country until they collect all the badges from each race stage. The winner is the one who manages to run the longest distance in all 3 days. Learn more about the sporting event at www.rubicon.run.