Sporter organized a trial Rubicon race from Vadul lui Voda to Chisinau

15123235_1216178815087086_8629533353728731964_oOn the 20th of January, The Sporter Club organized an unusual   Sunday run – “Long Run”, that started in Vadul lui Voda and was divided in 4 stages. 45 persons participated in the trial race, who could run 1, 2, 3 stages or the entire route from Vadul lui Vodă to Chisinau.

The distance of the whole route was more than 22 km.

The participants of the race gathered in the morning against the Circus where a motor-bus has been organized, which brought runners-amateurs in Vadul lui Voda. The bus followed all the route, stopping at the check-point, so that those who finish at certain points to complete their training and to return to the Circus.  

Every athlete has chosen a distance appropriate to his training and endurance.

15123383_1216180721753562_7672887197573339744_oThe stages have been divided in 4 points:

  • 1st stage- the Vadul lui Voda beach – the fork of the Petrom petrol station – 9,2 km
  • 2nd stage – the fork of the Petrom petrol station – Togatin village – 5,8 km
  • 3rd stage – Togatin village – Alecu Russo Street, Chisinau – 6,5 km
  • 4th stage – Alecu Russo street, – Circus – 7,5 km.

15068334_1216189178419383_7730406903884879291_oWe want to notice that more of them ran the whole distance from Vadul lui Voda to Chisinau

In a short time, Sporter will hold many more unusual races,the participation in which is open to all comers. Read more about the training races on the club website: