TESS Tea warmed up and revived the participants in Rubicon


The second edition of the Rubicon ultramarathon relay, held in the central districts of the country, was a real challenge for participants not just because of long distances but also because of harsh weather conditions.

As the athletes were crossing the distance, they had to fight heavy snow, rough wind and humidity. It is very hard to resist in such extreme conditions but our partners, Tess brand, helped the participants.


Throughout the route, the athletes could warm up with a cup of fragrant Tess tea. Most of the participants admitted that tea help them not just to warm up but also to refresh and continue the ultramarathon.


TESS tea is present in an impressive assortment, with varied blends and original compositions, use of only natural ingredients. The collections include: classic varieties of black and green tea, original compositions with fruits, berries, herbs, flowers and spices, as well as caffeine free fruit tea and herbal tea.


Tess brand offers a wide assortment of tea in different packaging formats: loose tea as well as tea bags. All blends of TESS tea are made of tea grown on the best plantations of Ceylon, China, and Kenya.