The supports Rubicon represents an independent source of information about Moldova. The portal was created by people who work in various spheres: history, economy, culture, religion, politology etc. The team has the aim to make a better life for the citizens of Moldova, thus they are promoting the idea of learning the true history, values and culture of the country.

On you can find news, articles on various subjects, a rich photo and video library of Moldovan movies and music.

The interactive portal is open for cooperation with the users and offers active participation in the projects, in the editing and publication process of new photo, audio and video materials. Also, the portal represents a platform for discussions, where anyone can tell their opinion and partake in important discussions.

As a reminder, Rubicon is a three-year ultra-marathon race, the final stage of which will be held this year. The course of the relay with a distance of 540.3 km will run through the territory of the western regions of our country. The relay will last 58 hours and 31 minutes and will comprise 43 stages in total.

If you want to participate in Rubicon 2019, please follow the link.

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