The registration for the Rubicon is open

The registration for the annual ultramarathon’s relay race that is extending across the whole Moldova is declared opened. The Rubicon race will be held between the 10th and the 12th of February 2017 and it will start in Soroca. The route runs along the eastern regions of the Republic including the TMR regions.

The registration for the running stage needs to be done on the site by following these steps:

  • – Go to the registration page, where you will see the map of Moldova, where are marked all the stages of the Rubicon. Choose the stages that you want to run;
  • -On the right side you will see the chosen stages, the distance and the passage time.Press the “next” button;
  • -Fill in personal details and complete the registration;
  • – The registration is completed successfully. Soon to your mail you will get a notification with the details of the event;

IMG_6960The route will be changed every year, during the following three years. The route of 2017 is a distance of 466 km, passing through 12 districts of the eastern part of Moldova and Transnistria. The route is divided into 43 stages, long from 6.5 to 18.4 km. The duration of the race is 47 hours.

For every passed stage the participant receives a badge with the emblem of the region where the stage of the race took place. The participant receives badges of regions, not the steps. If a participant starts in one area, and finishes in another – he will get two badges. If the participant runs three consecutive stages in one region, he will receive one badge.


The badges are divided into night badges and day badges, depending on the time of the day in which a particular stage took place.

At the end of the race will be awarded the runners who have collected more badges than others and have run the longest distance overall.

Get acquainted with the details and regulations in the section “About the race“.

It’s time to cross the Rubicon!