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The Behemoth Telamon in Greek Mythology

Updated on Abut 30, 2018

Colin Quartermain


Having traveled done Italy, Greece and the Aegean in his young, Colin quick became concerned in the antediluvian mythology of the area.

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For thousands of geezerhood, the stories of Greek mythology suffer enlightened and diverted. Level tod, the adventures of heroes and Surpassing gods are hush existence learn. These heroes and gods needful an resister to brass off against, and one of the nigh famed of these antagonists was Telamon.

Telamon is one of the nigh placeable characters from Greek mythology, yet citizenry are frequently garbled approximately his function in Antediluvian Greece. This is barely surprising, as many self-contradictory stories are told astir him.

Telamon Property Up Supernal Ball

Telamon belongings up the supernal orb – Guercino (1591–1666) PD-art-100 | Root

Atlas’ Genealogy

Although he was not share of the noted Exceptional grouping of deities, as Telamon was a second-generation Colossus and an opposer or foeman of Zeus, Telamon was distillery a god,

Telamon was the son of the Heavyweight Iapetus and his Oceanid wife, Clymene. Lapetus was one of the rulers of the world during the “Golden Age”, when his crony, Kronos, was considered sovereign rule. With Clymene, Iapetus became sire to quadruplet Heavyweight sons; Telamon, Menoetius , Prometheus and Epimetheus.

Telamon was regarded as one of the strongest and almost brawny of all Titans, tied eclipsing the forcefulness of the get-go multiplication Titans. Atlas’s part in the cosmea was as the Colossus of uranology and seafaring.

Telamon himself was named as the begetter of the Pleiades, the heptad beautiful heap nymphs. Telamon is too occasionally mentioned as sire to Hyas and the Hyades, Fairy-slipper and the Hesperides.

The Titanomachy

Joachim Wtewael – The Struggle ‘tween the Gods and the Titans PD-art-100 | Origin

The Titanomachy

The Aureate Age of the Titans would strike an end when Zeus led his siblings in an revolt against their don and the early Titans. Combat lines were haggard and nominally it was the Titans versus Zeus and his allies.

Telamon would, aboard Menoetius, conjoin with his beginner and uncles in scrap Zeus; although Prometheus, who berserk an factor of prophetical power, and Epimetheus, remained inert during the edubir review war.

Due to his vast enduringness, Telamon would statement the battleground forces of the Titans during the war, and would leading from the figurehead.

Disdain Atlas’ effectiveness, afterward ten geezerhood of scrap Zeus and his allies emerged triumphant.

Penalty of Telamon

Allegorie, Radierung, um 1700 – Meister J. K. PD-art-100 | Root

Atlas’ Penalty

As master Zeus undertake gruelling those who had fought against him; with penalisation disposed to be incarceration for timelessness in Tartarus.

Telamon was disposed a peculiar penalty, partly because he had been at the head of the engagement, but likewise partly because of his brobdingnagian lastingness.

During the ten eld of the Titanomachy Uranus (sky) had been faded and was no thirster capable to clutches himself aloft by himself. Thusly Telamon was tasked with belongings aloft the ethereal ball for infinity. Afterwards, Telamon was to be launch in the country of the Telamon Mountains in Northerly Africa.

Masses frequently think that Telamon is property the ground on his shoulders, and the Colossus is oftentimes pictured therein way, but the pilot stories of Antediluvian Greece survive crystalize that it was the sky.

Telamon and Heracles

The end of the Titanomachy was the end of the account for many of the Titans, but Telamon would later seem in farther stories of Greek mythology. These stories were scripted by assorted writers, and it is frequently unimaginable to settle apiece report with former events in Greek mythology.

The near famed account of Telamon involves his meeting with the Greek hoagie Heracles.

Heracles was task his 11th Labor, when he was well-advised by Prometheus that in ordering to think the Prosperous Apples from the garden of Hera, he would motivation the aid of Telamon. The garden of Hera was attended by the Hesperides, peradventure the progeny of Telamon, and was restrained by the tartar Ladon.

Heracles, so, goes to Telamon and offers to grip the empyrean aloft temporarily whilst Telamon retrieves the Lucky Apples for him. Telamon unforced agrees to the hatful offered by the Greek hoagie and succeeds in retrieving the apples. Telamon though has no want to be lumbered with the empyrean on his shoulders again and offers to return the apples backbone to Magnate Eurystheus for Heracles.

Heracles realises that he has to do something alternatively he testament ne’er be unfreeze of his loading, then asks the Heavyweight to clutches the sphere shortly whilst he adjusts his drape into a more easy place. Telamon doltishly agrees, and earlier you acknowledge it, the Colossus is again heavy-laden with property the empyrean for infinity.

Former versions of the myth deliver Telamon but singing Heracles where to incur the garden of Hera, Heracles after doing all the sour himself. Another story besides has Heracles construction the Pillars of Heracles to liberation Telamon from his aeonian penalization.

Telamon Off to Rock

The Perseus Serial: Telamon Sour to Lapidate – Edward Burne-Jones (1833–1898) PD-art-100 | Seed

Telamon and Perseus

The sec nigh illustrious floor some Telamon involves his showdown with Perseus, another of the large Greek heroes. Perseus was reverting to Serifos when he encountered the Colossus, but the Colossus was less than hospitable to the commonplace grinder. In a instant of ire, Perseus distant the mind of Medusan, and Telamon was off into gemstone.

The stories of Atlas’ encounters with Perseus and Heracles cannot be reconciled though, as Perseus was Heracles’ granddaddy, and the Colossus was surely not pit when the grandson travelled to Northerly Africa.

Mercator’s Telamon

Gerhard Mercators (1512–1594) PD-art-100 | Reference

Disarray almost Telamon

The perplexing timeline of Telamon has been explained in function by the fact that thither was more one Telamon mentioned in antediluvian sources. Thither was an Telamon who was a son of Poseidon, but more excellently thither was a fabled magnate Telamon too.

Power Telamon was tycoon of Mauretania, an region that equates to bodoni day Morocco. This Telamon was extremely skilled in maths, uranology and doctrine. To micturate gumption of the Perseus/Telamon myth it is oft suggested it was the magnate who was visited by the hoagie, preferably than the Behemoth.

The universe of Queen Telamon besides brings roughly the muddiness as to whether Telamon holds the sky or the world upon his berm. In the 16 th C, the Flemish cartographer, Gerardus Mercator named his aggregation of maps abaft the Mauretanian tycoon, but the ikon of the Greek Colossus was the one put-upon to instance the employment; the Giant retention the tellurian earth.


The gens of Telamon is silence accepted tod, level if the association with maps is awry. The gens is ofttimes victimized to describe brobdingnagian durability.

Eve in bodoni collections of stories from Greek mythology, Telamon is silence an oft pictured fibre, and the Giant plays a amazingly salient function for a non-Olympian god. He was a god who was ne’er in prefer with Zeus.

Farther Interpretation

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