The ultramarathon throughout Moldova, Rubicon 2018, has been crossed


The three-day ultramarathon relay throughout Moldova, from north to south, has ended. 150 athletes ran 55 hours and covered a distance of 502 km through 14 central districts of Moldova. During only three days, the participants overcame hundreds of kilometers in harsh weather conditions, non-stop.


The longest stage, a half marathon distance of 21 km, went through the Bălți district. The greatest number of stages, with an overall distance of 68 km, were held in the ATU Gagauzia. Night stages ran through Sîngerei, Telenești, Cimișlia and Basarabeasca.


Most of the runners, 55 athletes, participated in the 22nd stage, that ran through Chișinău. 52 athletes ran in the final stage, in Taraclia district. Also, a number of 40 runners participated in Strășeni 20 and Chișinău 23 .


During the whole route, participants were cheered up by locals, who met them with hot food and drinks. In several localities, the participants of ultramarathon were joined by kids, authorities, local football clubs. The most active supporters were in Ocnița and Călărași districts. Even at midnight around 300 people supported our ultramarathoners.


We express our gratitude to the local authorities of district and localities, where the route of Rubicon 2018 had run, and also to the local citizens for their responsiveness and support.


A total number of 33 runners aligned to the start of Rubicon 2018, that took place in Ocnița city, in the north of Moldova, on February 9, at 11:00. And on February 11, at 17:22, in Mirnoe village, Taraclia district, 52 runners crossed the finish line.


We would like to thank the partners of the toughest ultramarathon in Moldova: official water OM, which quenched the runners’ thirst, official partner Multisport, official car Skoda, which escorted the runners throughout the route, reminding them about time elapsed from the start and providing them hot food. Rubicon 2018 was held with the support of GPI and NPI, and also with the support of Red Bull.