Rubicon is not a single race. The competition consists of dozens of stages, in which participants cover several kilometers, which is why this event is marked with special medals — the coats of arms of the districts the athletes cross.
Day and night medals
Medals are divided into "day" and "night" depending on the time of day the stage is completed.

Medals for 100 km
Once the 100 km distance has been reached, the participant receives an additional medal with the "Rubicon" logo.

Medals with the coat of arms of the district

For passing from one stage in the district, the participant receives one badge with the coat of arms of the district.

The more such medals the ultramarathoners have, the cooler they are, because not everybody can boast of having "run through the whole of Moldova".
In addition to the trophy, the winner of the Rubicon will receive a special board with a map of Moldova, where he can place all the conquered stages.
Rubicon is an important event not only for the athletes but also for the supporters.
Providing emotional support to those who, despite their fatigue, carry the flag of the country and the district under the toughest conditions is also a form of participation in the race.
Encourage the participants, show the hospitality of Moldova and your district. The support you provide is a great boost of positive energy that not only helps them cross the Rubicon here and now, but will remain a warm memory for years to come.
Fans can support participants by sending a message to 079 99 69 08 via SMS, Telegram or Viber. Messages will be read during the race.