Start of registrations for Rubicon 2023 Chisinau - Bucharest

Registration is now open for the most epic race of the year - the world's only ultramarathon relay, the Rubicon. In February, the race of heroes will start for the seventh time and this edition will cross the borders of Moldova.

With each start, Rubicon attracts more and more participants, because it is a truly unique race without analogy in the world. The competition contributes to the development of inner strength and a winning spirit.

The total distance of the race in 2024 is 550 km, lasting approximately 60 hours. The relay is divided into 50 stages and takes three days without a break. Along the route, the stages have different lengths ranging from 7 to 15 km. Each athlete chooses a specific leg of the route and receives an award for overcoming it. Competitors enter the race in a relay and together they overcome the distance and challenges.
The Rubicon is much like real life. It keeps going forward, no matter what. The column runs through different locations, regardless of conditions. Sometimes the runners gaze with delight at the scenery, the sunsets and sunrises, and other times they ride through the night, frost and blizzards. Rewards are given to those who have managed to mobilize their will, overcome their fatigue and achieve their goal.

The heroes' race has long been an international event, attracting athletes from all over the world. This year, however, it is crossing geographical borders. Rubicon-2024 will take place on 2-4 February and will connect Chisinau and Bucharest. It's a completely new experience, bringing unprecedented opportunities and excitement.

The registration fee for one leg of the relay is 200 MDL. Costs for 2-5 stages – 450 MDL, 6-10 stages – 550 MDL, 11-15 stages – 650 MDL, 16 and more stages – 850 MDL. Participants will have access to a comfortable bus throughout the race, and the cost for this is 1200 MDL.

Join the race of heroes! Rubicon is a relay in which participants of different ages, men and women, take part together. Tackle the challenges, race your way to victory and collect well-deserved awards. Earn the right to say: "I have conquered the Rubicon".