"Honey "Le Souffle d’Adore" proudly stands as the official partner for the prestigious Rubicon ultramarathon

For three years running, the exquisite honey of "Le Souffle d’Adore" has held the distinguished position of being the official partner for the renowned "Rubicon" ultramarathon, slated to unfold from March 22nd to 24th.

The Rubicon, an ultramarathon spanning the vast expanse of Moldova and Romania, culminating in the heart of Bucharest, is more than a physical challenge; it's an odyssey for both body and spirit, an opportunity to unlock one's latent potential and reveal the essence of character.
To endure the grueling journey without faltering midway, one requires an indispensable source of sustenance – a role seamlessly filled by the honey from Le Souffle d’Adore.

Honey, a fundamental component of the daily regimen for any active individual, is renowned for its unique and beneficial properties. Enhancing metabolism, replenishing energy, alleviating stress, boosting memory, aiding digestion, fortifying the immune system, and strengthening cardiac muscles are just a few among its myriad virtues.

These remarkable properties of Le Souffle d’Adore honey served as the muse for Igor Ganya, the visionary owner of the company, who crafted a captivating documentary titled "The Honey Movie." Unveiling the rich, millennia-old history of honey, accentuating its nutritional significance, and illustrating transformative changes in those who actively consume it.
"The Honey Movie" garnered accolades, including the prestigious "Best Nature Film" award at the International Documentary Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2023. Presently, the film is accessible on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Google Play.

In 2023, the company not only participated in numerous international competitions but also received high commendations from leading industry specialists for the superior quality of Le Souffle d’Adore honey. Furthermore, it clinched the "Superior Taste Award" in 2023 from the International Taste Institute for its exceptional taste.

Le Souffle d’Adorre honey is meticulously crafted in Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Moldova. The final touch is imparted in Andorra – a privileged haven, one of the most environmentally pristine countries globally.

This is a comprehensive honey production cycle. The company oversees every stage, from acquiring and nurturing breeding bee families to crafting hives and all inventory, from beekeepers to sales. The raw material selection is so stringent that only pure, natural honey of the highest ecological standards graces the jars.
Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, adopting a contemporary approach to production, and employing a well-conceived logistical system, the Le Souffle d’Adorre brand extends the opportunity for individuals across the globe to commence their mornings with a spoonful of pure, natural, and delectable honey!

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